The Candy Apple Toy Company in the Heights

Candice opened this very interactive store back on Nov 2016. Located in the heart of The Heights. The Candy Apple Toy Company is the only toy store in Burnaby North. As a community we are very excited to have a local toy store. Candice’s idea for the store is not just to sell toys but it’s also about getting to play, be a kid, and learn/grow through the magic of playing. A must visit for locals or for out of towners.

Some great features the store offers:

The price you see includes taxes. How often our kids want to purchase something with their own money and they think the listed price is the final price? And you as a parent have the heart-breaking decision to either let them know that is not the final price or just help them out with a bit more of money. This store takes the burden of explaining the taxes and the extras to a young one. The price you see listed is what you will pay.

Another great feature is a Loyalty Punch Card, this card does not expire and each purchase gets you closer to a discount 10%, 15%, 20% and even 25% off your purchases.Father's Day Cards at the Apple

The store will be implementing craft classes starting with Father’s Day Cards. This gives the kids an opportunity to give a personal gift, that their father will cherish forever.

First class will be on June 11th 2-5pm Father’s Day Cards $3, much less expensive than a card from the store.

The Candy Apple store will be participating June 3th at the Hats Off Day featuring:

  • Baby Changing Station
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Dog Watering Station



Be sure to visit them:

4415 Hastings Street
North Burnaby, BC
V5C 2K1



We support local community businesses and residents, if you have a favourite store, restaurant or organization in the North Burnaby area, please give us a call 778-954-8202 .

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