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Pricing Your Home to Sell

Benefits of proper pricing can…

  • cause a faster sale (less days on market)
  • minimize hassles and inconveniences
  • attract the right target market buyers
  • increase agent showings
  • encourage stronger offers
  • increase net proceeds
  • create a sense of urgency in the buyer
  • encourage multiple offers
  • create an “in industry” buzz
  • cause compliant buyers
  • lessen “nibbling” after the close
  • lessen buyer’s remorse

Overpricing your property, even by a little, can…

  • reduce agent showings
  • minimize advertising response
  • eliminate interested buyers
  • attract unsuitable buyers
  • eliminate potential offers
  • help sell competitive homes for sale
  • cause problems with appraisals
  • increase holding costs
  • increase maintenance costs
  • lead buyers to ask the question, “What is wrong?”
  • give the impression that you do not want sell

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