What Buyers Don’t Want to See in our North Burnaby Backyard

When we decide to list our home for sale, we want it to look its best to potential buyers. That’s why we clean, tidy and de-clutter every room, make sure it smells great, has the right lighting and more.

Some sellers, however, miss the backyard all together. We need to pay just as much attention to that space as we do to the interior of our home. The backyard is as important a living and play space as the family room. To some buyers, even more.

Buyers want to see an attractive backyard space, with the grass cut and the hedges trimmed. The more neat and tidy we can make it, the better. Making sure that the walkways are swept and the patio furniture wiped down.

Also, watch out for the following things that buyers do not want to see:

  • Bags of garage and other waste.
  • Rakes and other tools piled in the corner.
  • Weeds in the flower beds.
  • Cluttered and disorganized storage sheds, pool huts and other backyard structures.
  • Items stored underneath the deck.
  • Hoses not stowed neatly.
  • Doggie do-do. (Be sure to stoop and scoop!)
  • Electrical outlets and water faucets that don’t work.

These are simple issues to fix. Doing so will positively impact the impression the buyer gets of the home overall.

“Do you have a backyard that shows particularly well in the summer? Here’s a tip: Take pictures. Those photos will help buyers be able to appreciate how it looks should you list your home in the winter.”

Want more tips on making your home show well so that it sells fast? Call us today.


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