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West Coast Lifestyle Group celebrates World Food Day!

We at West Coast Lifestyle Group are big time foodies! When we’re not busy scoring hot deals, we step away and explore local eating joints in the neighbourhood. No matter how busy it gets, we make sure to eat all our lunches together, catch up on monthly outdoor lunches/dinners or throw potlucks in our backyard. Our team here has some very eclectic backgrounds and tastes. We are fortunate to live in a diverse country like Canada where all our food cravings can be satisfied. So, on World Food Day today, we want to share some of our favourite local restaurants around town and why we like them!

Valerie Fabris, Buying Agent

One of my most favourite and visited breakfast/brunch joints is Just Waffles on East Hastings. This place is like my second home. The owners know me and family very well by now. There are times when I don’t even need to formally make an order – they see me walk in and they already know what I want to eat – their delicious Eggs Benedict waffles with bacon! I’ve been going there for a couple of years now and have established a great relationship with them. On several occasions, they have even offered food coupons for my clients. If you’re a brunch person like me, this place is a must-visit for waffle lovers! Make sure to say hi to them from me!

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Another restaurant I like to dine at is Pajo’s Fish & Chips in Port Moody. Unfortunately, they are open only from Spring to Fall, but you can find me there with a plate of halibut & chips almost every weekend. I absolutely love their clam chowder soup, it’s my favourite comfort food on a chilly night! The prices are a bit on the higher end, but the food and ambience definitely make up for it. My weekend family time ritual is usually dinner from Pajo’s followed by dessert from Rocky Point Ice Cream. They have a fantastic variety of seasonal ice cream flavours all year round and I love the fact that they’re open late hours.


Diana Klejne, Sellers Specialist

I’m a big fan of all Asian foods and being a hardcore Vancouverite, I especially love Sushi. My husband and I love to visit this local restaurant Sushimoto right outside Holdom Station in Burnaby. The restaurant has an interesting selection of sushi and other Japanese inspired menu items. What’s interesting are their unique collection of characters and figurines in a display case and the decorations on their walls. I live around the area so the location is very convenient for me to get by. I love their staff and service. Esther used to be our regular server, unfortunately she doesn’t work there anymore. She knew me so well, she even named a sushi special after me called ‘The Diana Roll’. If you go back to the kitchen and request a ‘plate of Diana’, you can try my regular, special order! It’s a delicious plate of sushi with smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese and mango. I know, right? It sounds bizarre but the flavours and aroma blend in so perfectly to give it that perfect taste of tangy, sweet and spicy

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I love the personal touch and service I receive from the friendly staff every time I go there. The food is consistent, spectacular in taste and priced affordably. The location couldn’t get any better. I rate it 10/10!


Shruti Naik, Admin & Marketing

I’m not particularly picky about foods/restaurants and in general, love to explore a new type of cuisine every month. I recently discovered a dish which can easily be a crustacean’s paradise – Laksa. Originally a Burmese dish, Laksa is one of the most wholesome meals I’ve ever eaten. It has carbs (noodles), proteins (meats, fish), fats, veggies and most importantly, it is made in a broth-y coconut curry base, so I was instantly sold! I happened to come across fantastic reviews of Laksa King on East Hastings so one chilly winter afternoon, I stopped by to try it, and boy was I amazed! It had the perfect level of spice levels I liked, the quantity was massive and it was modestly priced. The place is always busy at any point of time during the day. The moment you walk in, you are greeted with a hot and sour blend of spices, the hustle and bustle of a busy Asian kitchen and warm & friendly faces to greet you. Every time I go there, I take a new family member or friend along who hasn’t heard of the place or cuisine and they are instantly impressed. It’s one of my go-to comfort places and I look forward to taking Diana & Valerie there with me next!


So there you have it – our hot picks for local restaurants. Have you ever been to any of these? Which are some of your favourite local eating spots? Give us a shout out in the comments below and we’ll be sure to try it!